Pork, Beef, Lamb and Poultry meat suppliers


kountouros logo 30x36Pork meat

The wide variety of meat flavors offered by pork meat established it as the major buying preference in the Cyprus meat market sector. In our meat market you will find only Cyprus pork meat. Our longtime collaboration with local meat producers guarantees constant quality and control over the meat products offered. Eating pork in the right frequency and quantity may help reduce cholesterol levels , can provide a high degree koasmou and high amounts of energy.


kountouros logo 30x36Beef meat

We boast about the freshness and reddish color of our beef meat products. In our meat market we have beef meat from Cypriot ox under one year of age, guaranteeing the quality and freshness you are looking for. Beef can provide rich benefits for human health. It contributes to the proper child development, helps maintain strong bones and teeth and is rich in iron.



kountouros logo 30x36Lamb and Goat meat

In Cyprus both lamb and goat meat are considered traditional food especially during Easter time with a dish called “souvla”? We can offer Cypriot breeding lamb and goat meat in excellent quality. Both Lamb and goat meat are an excellent source of vitamins B3, B6 and B12 but also contain proteins of high biological value.



kountouros logo 30x36Poultry (poultry meat)

Our meat market offers whole chickens, different chicken parts and quail. Due to the high demand we receive fresh poultry meat on a daily basis in our meat market, therefore guaranteeing the freshness sought by our consumers. The chicken meat is characterized by small number of calories and fat compared to any other type of meat considering proper cooking is followed.